Who is Jade?
John Wyman Sr. loved the Hawaiian Islands so much that he started his own painting company. It began as Jade Painting & Decorating, Inc., and through the years, with the continued direction of his sons, John and Victor, the Jade Painting family has been blessed to grow from the initial four persons to employing an average of 60 persons or more. Although we’ve had as many as 100 crew-members, the original focus of government contracts has changed as we’ve expanded into private and commercial work, which includes new construction, town home and high rise repaints. Since adding our Maui and Big Isle locations, it has enabeled us to continue our work focus to include the smallest town homes to the biggest high-rise… and everything in-between.

Since removing the designation of “Decorating” from our name, Jade Painting, Inc. has moved to focus on the demands of the industry’s constantly changing materials with added licensing requirements that allows us to provide sealant, spall repair and waterproofing applications to our long list of services. Find out why we say that Jade has been providing “Quality job site performance since 1974” by clicking on the request an estimate tab or by simply calling 677-jade (5233). We look forward to working on an estimate that addresses the evident work of your specific needs. Thank you for visiting www.jadepainting.com