Wall Coverings

Marriott Ballroom Maui 2016
Hotel Wall Covering Work 2013
Custom Wall Covering (2)
Custom Wall Covering (3)

Jade Painting, Inc. also specializes in wallcovering installation. Projects include hotel lobby, room, and cooridor removal and re-installation. Our well-trained crews are qualified to install up to 54″ vinyls, including paper-backed and other delicate wall coverings, including having the expertise of matching multi-panel and difficult wall murals.

See other links for additional information of the projects and work that our company can provide for your specific building or town home project. Jade Painting, Inc. specializes in new construction, high rise, town home, warehouse and other larger projects that require the specialties noted above. Please refer to our other links to see if our company suits the needs of your specific project.

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JADE PAINTING, INC. (#C-7155) has licenses covering C-33 Painting, C-55 Waterproofing, and C31d Sealants and Spall Repair. We have been in business since 1974.