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Jade Painting, Inc. is licensed (C-7155) in the State of Hawaii to perform:

C33 Painting: Further description of the C-33, Exhibit A, Specialty Contractor Classification category includes: PAINTING AND DECORATING CONTRACTOR:To apply materials common to the painting and decorating industry for protective and decorative purposes…

  • Use of emulsions, waxes, water repellants, epoxies, polyesters, urethanes, cement
  • Various surface preparations of all types
  • Caulking, water-blasting, power cleaning, prepatory to painting
  • Installation of Wall Covering, decorative textures, taping and finishing of drywall
  • Application of Sealants in connection with the above

C55 Waterproofing Contractor: Further description of the C-55, Exhibit A,Specialty Contractor Classification category includes: To apply elastomeric coatings, sheet membranes or other materials or in combination of materials to surfaces to prevent water, and water vapor, from penetrating and passing the materials. Includes, waterproofing exterior walls, and between slabs, both above and below grade,

  • Coatings to parking decks
  • Walking decks to form a watertight non-skid surface
  • Preparation methods include waterblasting, power cleaning

C31d Tuck-pointing and Caulking Contractor: To do tuck-pointing, caulking, sealing of concrete block and precast stone, to caulk metal to concrete and masonry and to perform spall repair.

See other links for additional information of the projects and work that our company can provide for your specific building or town home project. Jade Painting, Inc. specializes in new construction, high rise, town home, warehouse and other larger projects that require the specialties noted above. Please refer to our other links to see if our company suits the needs of your specific project.

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JADE PAINTING, INC. (#C-7155) has licenses covering C-33 Painting, C-55 Waterproofing, and C31d Sealants and Spall Repair. We have been in business since 1974.